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    Hurricane Gloria

    October 1st, 2015


    The talk about hurricane Joaquin has me reminiscing about a hurricane that hit my home town. In 1985 hurricane Gloria hit Long Island where I lived. Long Island was a pretty messed up place after it left. You might call it a harrowing experience—living through a hurricane. I'll tell you what I can remember and let you decide for yourself.

    The radio was our main source of information before the event since we did not have a television. The radio had hurricane watches, hurricane warnings, and emergency interruptions saying that this was not a test, and predictions of seven-foot-high waves to come up from the nearby shore. Our neighbor across the street joked he was going to stay at home and fish out of his second story window. A state of emergency was declared. Soon officials in bright yellow raincoats and hats came around asking us to leave the area.

    With some of our neighbors we went to our friend's house. During the storm the front window of the house we were in shattered. Next I remember it was very calm during the eye of the storm. Only the leaves on the trees moved.

    Coming back home was a chore. Huge old trees that had shaded the street for years were down. Another street had a telephone pole blocking it. Finally we parked the van and walked home.

    For about a week after the hurricane had passed, the power was out, as well as the telephone. We used candles for light. It's hard to read by candle light, but my brother tried anyway. After a while everything was cleaned up. It was fun playing among the downed trees.

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    How to Make Woven Paper Heart Envelopes

    February 11th, 2014

    My mother taught me to make these woven paper heart envelopes.

    Woven Paper Heart Envelope

    First you will need paper.

    Materials for Woven Paper Hearts

    I chose to use construction paper.

    First fold paper in half for woven paper heart construction

    Take one sheet of paper and fold it in half.

    Cut paper in half at fold for woven paper heart construction

    Cut it in two along the fold.

    Fold and cut two more times for woven paper heart construction

    Next, cut your two halves in half again. This leaves you with four long narrow strips.

    Fold the strips of paper in half for woven paper heart construction

    Fold your strips of paper in half.

    Pick a contrasting color and do the same for woven paper heart construction

    Pick a contrasting color of paper and do the above steps again with this new sheet of paper.

    Draw lines for where to cut for woven paper heart construction

    Draw lines in pencil where you will cut.

    Be sure to cut along folded edge for woven paper heart construction

    Be sure to start cutting from the folded edge.

    Erase your pencil marks for woven paper heart construction

    Erase the line at the top.

    Start weaving the paper together for woven paper heart construction

    Start weaving by taking two of the strips and inserting one into the other.

    Continue to weave for woven paper heart construction

    Continue to weave by alternating which strip goes through or around.

    First row for woven paper heart construction

    This is what it looks like when the first "row" is done.

    Second row for woven paper heart construction

    I found it easiest to weave out on a diagonal.

    Nearly done weaving for woven paper heart construction

    As you near the finish of the weaving you will have to jog the paper so that you have it fitting properly.

    Round your corners for woven paper heart construction

    After you finish weaving trim your corners to give your heart a rounded edge.

    Insert Note into Your Woven Paper Heart Envelope

    Now you have a pocket that will serve as your envelope for your note. This could be for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or even a Baby Shower invitation.

    Finished Woven Paper Heart

    The finished product.

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    The Blogosphere is Growing

    November 1st, 2006

    Nick has joined the blogosphere. I have been taking a class called "Podcasting and Blogging for Influence." I think all the talks we had about what I was studying prompted him to start a blog. I encourage you all to check it out. He's a newbie, so be generous with the comments. 🙂

    He titled his blog randomformingthoughts . It is on blogger, but hopefully y'all won't hold it against him.

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