How to Make Woven Paper Heart Envelopes

My mother taught me to make these woven paper heart envelopes.

Woven Paper Heart Envelope

First you will need paper.

Materials for Woven Paper Hearts

I chose to use construction paper.

First fold paper in half for woven paper heart construction

Take one sheet of paper and fold it in half.

Cut paper in half at fold for woven paper heart construction

Cut it in two along the fold.

Fold and cut two more times for woven paper heart construction

Next, cut your two halves in half again. This leaves you with four long narrow strips.

Fold the strips of paper in half for woven paper heart construction

Fold your strips of paper in half.

Pick a contrasting color and do the same for woven paper heart construction

Pick a contrasting color of paper and do the above steps again with this new sheet of paper.

Draw lines for where to cut for woven paper heart construction

Draw lines in pencil where you will cut.

Be sure to cut along folded edge for woven paper heart construction

Be sure to start cutting from the folded edge.

Erase your pencil marks for woven paper heart construction

Erase the line at the top.

Start weaving the paper together for woven paper heart construction

Start weaving by taking two of the strips and inserting one into the other.

Continue to weave for woven paper heart construction

Continue to weave by alternating which strip goes through or around.

First row for woven paper heart construction

This is what it looks like when the first "row" is done.

Second row for woven paper heart construction

I found it easiest to weave out on a diagonal.

Nearly done weaving for woven paper heart construction

As you near the finish of the weaving you will have to jog the paper so that you have it fitting properly.

Round your corners for woven paper heart construction

After you finish weaving trim your corners to give your heart a rounded edge.

Insert Note into Your Woven Paper Heart Envelope

Now you have a pocket that will serve as your envelope for your note. This could be for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or even a Baby Shower invitation.

Finished Woven Paper Heart

The finished product.

Line Climber

Today I finally sat down and figured out how to use the line climber I had bought in Mackinaw City, Michigan back in September. I didn't get to try it out on a kite, as we had really strong winds and gusts today.

It is in the shape of a bat. Which seems appropriate for the fall season. Not a design I would have normally chosen. It was the only one they had in the kite shop, and I really wanted to try it out. (It turned out that we didn't fly kites that day.) The line climber is called Ferry, and is made by Gunther Flugspiele.

I think my first mistake in trying to figure it out about a month ago, was that I tried to put the pieces together while out in the wind. The pieces wanted to blow away, and then it got dark, and then the wind stopped. The second mistake was probably not taking the time to read the directions. 🙂

Today I pulled it out when I saw the trees swaying in the wind outside, and it made me think of kites. I sat down and followed the directions, and figured the system out. Basically you have a stopper that is placed near where the line attaches to the kite. Then some rubber bands are used to hold tension on the "wings" to the part that rides the line.

The wind pushes it up the line, where it hits the stopper, which flips the wings 90 degrees, and it slides back down the line. I can't wait to see it in action. Hopefully I'll have time soon, to go out to Lake Michigan and take advantage of the breeze out there.

As for the design, I think I would prefer the one I found at Into The Wind, called Kite Popper.

Not watching on Netflix

I found it interesting to learn what people put in their queue, received, but never watched for days, months, and in some cases years.

Personally, I watch movies with my thumb on the fast-forward button. I think the only movie I actually stopped watching without skipping to the end was M.A.S.H.

Betcha didn't know there was a M.A.S.H. movie huh?


I've started painting the downstairs walls white.

This is me posing with the current progress of painting the walls in
the basement. They used to be dark fake wood paneling. I want to
brighten up the room by painting the walls white and adding more lights.

A Worthy Tale this young lady (who is likely not so young any more, as this page is dated 1997) has the same name as myself, I was particularly attracted to her story.

I was charmed by the illustrations and I think that you will be as well. The Kite that Got Stuck brings back memories of my own childhood efforts and writing and illustrating stories (as well as my kite flying adventures).

On her webpage is an about the author section as well as a link to another story, The Lion and the Hippo, which is not illustrated but none-the-less charming.

Church Media Team: Football With Recursive Quarter Backs

The first quarterback is setting up passes to his receivers. His receivers catch QB1’s pass and set up to pass to their receivers team and the process continues as they do the same. Much like a media team at a church. The senior pastor or speaker director sets up the plays hopefully with the guidance and input of other team members. They make passes to their directors, music, audio, video, recording, drama, ect. who set up to make passes to their team. As in football things change. People’s ideas change and last minute audibles are called. For better or worse all teams must respond to the QB’s change. It always keeps the game interesting.

It’s technique rather than strength

The BBC News webpage has a feature called In Pictures that I like to frequent. While looking through "Your perspective on the world: 3-10 Nov" I saw the above picture of kite surfing.

Kite surfing is a sport Session 1 says is expensive to get into, but rewarding enough to make the sacrifice. I haven't as yet had a chance to try my hand at kite surfing, but I would like to one day.

I found a site from Australia called "Behind the News" in which they interview kite boarders which is another name for kite surfing. Ceridwen Jones said something that was very encouraging. "I didn't find it that hard. I had flown kites quite a bit when I was younger, but to learn, once you have lessons it's actually quite easy. It's technique rather than strength."

I've heard this same sentiment applied to golf. I wonder how many other sports can say that it is technique rather than strength that really makes the difference?