Susan Boyle on Youtube

Watching Susan Boyle on Youtube for me is like when I was a part of the wave at Red Sox stadium several years ago. The wave went around the stadium seven times and then we cheered for ourselves. We were cheering because of a mass agreement that we were so bored with this game that standing up and waving our hands in sequence was more exciting. Then we cheered because 35,000 people were in tune enough to do it seven times in a row.

Susan Boyle strikes me as a fun person that I'd like to know, and to my untrained ear she sings well, but I feel excited to think that the video posted of her by BritainsSoTalented has reached over thirty-eight million views--and I just want to stand up and cheer because the world has come together watch this lady.

“wuz up ahmedinejad?”

Being a Facebook user, I was highly amused by this comment I read on the Dilbert blog :

"How about this? What if world leaders all had a facebook account and
formed a group. Daily communication like "wuz up ahmedinejad? just
sitting around the oval office" could drastically reduce the impulse to
attack each other. That'd be the day...facebook saves the world. Face
it, it's better than a red telephone with every world leader. I guess
communication has gone out of style."