Iguana Go Back to Ecuador

An Iguana from Iguana Park, Guyaquill, Ecuador.

An incomplete group photo. I call it imcomplete because not everyone made it into this photo.

Rachel and David outside the job site where we constructed the church. The job site was surrounded by ten foot high walls. On top of the wall was a four foot electrical fence. The local church members were meeting at the site under a tent. They continued to have trouble with people stealing sabbath school materials until they put up the electrical fence.

The church we built. This photo was taken during the dedicatory worship service. It was much fuller by the end of the service. The service during the afternoon had standing room only.

We had evangelist meetings during the evenings, and this is a picture taken after one of the meetings.

Bev and my dad. Bev was the project leader, and my dad invited Nick and I to go along on the trip. My dad said at first he did not want to go, but Bev said "you're going too!" Afterwards he was glad he came wants to go again.

Rachel french braiding my hair (in the Iguana Park).

A close up of my hair.

One day we went to the Pacific Ocean.

Me getting some "B" roll video footage of the guys putting on the roof.

Me carrying a cement block.

Me cleaning out a bucket.

One evening we went on a short dinner boat trip around the city. We started just before sunset and came back after dark. The boat looked like a tall ship with sails, but ran on a motor. The waiters and waitresses dressed up like pirates. This picture is from that trip (left to right, My dad, Maria, Nick, and me).

The Maranatha project coordinator we worked with was Maria. She went above and beyond the call of duty and was extremely helpful and nice.

One evening we went to a Guyaquill local attraction, a lighthouse on top of a hill. There were 444 steps up to the top.

My aunt Patsy came along too.

Us walking down from the lighthouse.

We took nearly 2,000 photos. I haven't even looked through them all. I'll try and put more pictures up soon

Nephew and Flowers

My brother and his wife stopped by on their way up to Traverse City for vacation, so I had the chance to hold my nephew again.

He's a very happy baby.

I threw in a picture of flowers from my yard just because I thought y'all might like to see it.

God bless the employees at the Chicago Passport Agency

Yes! After about 12 hours I came away with my passport.

We got to the passport agency way too early, but we thought it better to be safe than sorry. We got there about 2:30am and no one was around except for security guards. About 3:30am the next in line came. The line grew slowly until it reached the end of the block. Eventually at around 8:15 I handed in my paperwork. They told us to come back to pick up the passport at 12:30. When we came back at 12:30 they were running behind so we had to wait. About two o'clock I finally had my passport in hand.

I'm tired, but happy to have my passport.

It isn’t looking promising

It isn't looking good for my passport. I called again this morning, and there has been no change. Although, I did call my congressman's office yesterday and they are trying to help. They told me they would call the passport agency today and see if they could get them to turn the passport around in one day and then have it overnighted to me.

It isn't likely though. Trudy, the person I talked with this morning (and also yesterday morning as it happens) doesn't think I'll get it for several days and advised me to reschedule my trip.

That would be a reasonable course of action if I were traveling alone. But I wasn't planning to.

Hope is a thing with feathers that perches within the soul

I haven't received my passport yet. I'm supposed to leave Monday to go to Hartford, and then Tuesday to go to Ecuador. I woke up at 4:50am worrying about it. When I called the passport agency yesterday morning they said to call again on Wednesday if it hadn't arrived by then. I'd feel better if I could track my passport online, but mine is one of those that won't track online.

I'm starting to feel resigned that I won't be going to Ecuador, and I feel awful. I don't even know if the tickets are refundable. I'd feel better if I knew they were refundable. We didn't pay for our own tickets, someone else did. That makes it all the worse. Nick has his passport, and I don't. Not much more to say than that.