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blog Action Day

I wish I could have found this earlier, so I could have prepared. I'm rather split when it comes to the environment. I think being a  non-polluting, recycling, energy-saving person is a good idea. When I go to put it … Continue reading

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The gray area of the blogosphere

I've immersed myself in social networking sites and have found them very useful for finding old friends and keeping in touch, even with the friends that live down the street from me. But you, dear subscribers, know how consistent I … Continue reading

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Classes have started, can you tell?

I am taking a class called "Podcasting and Blogging for Influence". Y'all get to my homework, how cool is that? Well, actually, I'm exagerating a bit, you aren't actually my homeowork. I will start a new blog. The "New Blog" … Continue reading

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I got up way too early this morning. Filo walked on me and woke me up and then I couldn't get back to sleep. That was at 4:30am. This post is in Tribute to Tamara, who has recently been contemplating … Continue reading

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