sleeplessness leads to blogging

Its is 3:11 am. Do you know where your scruples are?

Filo is keeping me company in my random blogging sleeplessness. I think I'll go attempt sleep again.


didn't work very well. I ketp thinking of what else I should have posted on xanga. so here it is:

Things that Keep me Awake at Night.

Wishing I could take back something I said yesterday that in hindsight I had no business saying. Do I need to appologise to everyone who heard me say it? would that rectify the situation? I feel horrible. it knaws at me. knaw? gnaw? ah, that looks better. gnaws at me. ... wait. now I"m not sure. late night spelling is for the birds. hmmm.

I worry about going to boston to my dad's and inviting three other people. did I really think that one through? probablly not well enough.

I also worry about my dad. he sounds sad and lonely. I should call him more often.

I am sad because it slooks like my family isn't going to be able to get toghether for christmas this year. Nick suggested that we go visit them all separately. we might. once again proove how good nick's driving skills are in the snow. perhaps we shouldn't tempt fate now that we have an SUV. last year we saw a lot of SUV's in the ditch in Ohio. or was it the year before? Seems like we've been through so many christmas blizzards.

I didn't do my homework yesterday. that has me worried. I keep playing this ballance between work and school. I've already asked for time off last week to do my homework. should I ask again?

I also didn't do the yard work I planned yesterday-rototilling the garden, planting the flower bulbs. and the weatherman yesterday said it might snow this week. ick. and it was so nice for part of the day yesterday.

What I did do yesterday, but (isn't keeping me up, but just thought I should update ya) is that we tore down the Scriptural Pursuit set and built a new one.

What keeps you awake at night?

suggestion: 1)Indigestion, 2)"Did anyone comment on my xanga?" and 3) the cat.