Kayaking on the Saint Joe

Yesterday after I got home from work, Nick and I went kayaking. We had determined where we would start and finish on Friday. Nick had finished up the trailer mount for the kayaks earlier that day. Having them on the trailer makes departing for a kayaking run quicker. It also means that if I ever want to kayak by myself I'd be able to do so. When we had the kayaks mounted on the roof of the car, I was not able to life it up there by myself.

It is still a bit tedious getting all the logistics right. First Nick followed me to our point where we'd end up. I rode the motorcycle there and left it. Then Nick and I in the car took the kayaks to where we'd set off from.

Above you can see the route we would take. As I stayed with the kayaks at the start point, Nick went and took the car and trailer to the end point, and rode the motorcycle back to where we would start from. While I waited for him to come I amused myself by taking some pictures of the local flowers.

I also took some pictures of myself in the kayak.

Then Nick came back and we started down the river.

We saw a Great Blue Heron, but I didn't get a picture of it. I did manage to get a picture of a turtle we saw while on the river.

We I paddled closer it quickly dove into the water. I also tried to get a picture of some ducks, but they walked off the sandbar and swam away. This is where they were though:

I was trying to figure out if those were oyster shells, and if oysters live in fresh water. I guess I don't know much about shellfish. I was surprised to see them. I grew up near the Atlantic ocean and saw many shells and other rements of sea life at the beach there. After moving to Michigan, going to the shores of lake Michigan seemed odd, because the shells looks different, and there were not so many sea gulls.

I also took a video while paddleing. Here is is for your viewing pleasure.

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