Classes have started, can you tell?

I am taking a class called "Podcasting and Blogging for Influence". Y'all get to my homework, how cool is that? Well, actually, I'm exagerating a bit, you aren't actually my homeowork. I will start a new blog. The "New Blog" will be focused on a topic (like ball room dancing for example) and will not feature any personal diary like posts. (Sorry, no more stories on the "New Blog" about my cat and her crazy antics).

These are the topics I'm considering blogging on:

Kites (I'm a great kite flying at the beach person)

Visual Communication (It would work out really well with another class of mine: "Communication Research Methodology")

Typography (Again, it could be a good research topic. Why not kill two birds with one stone?)


So, if I were to create blogs on the subjects above, what do you think the blog title would be?

How about:


Katy on Kites




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About Katy

The Center for Adventist Research is a Branch Office of the Ellen G. White Estate, the editorial office of the Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index, home of the Adventist Heritage Center, Andrews University Archives, and the James White Library Rare Materials Collection. In my job I work with varying projects such as organizing off-campus week-long tours, pre-production of booklets containing papers presented at a symposium, and supervising students digitizing photographs and reel-to-reel audio recordings. This job requires self-motivation as many of the projects are dependent on my initiative. It also requires attention to detail, good communication skills, and a healthy dose of creativity.
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