I love my cat.

... these are the times when I love my cat. The times when I get a bit annoyed is when I wake up, and I am greeting in the hallway by the stuff she has managed to pull out and strew across the floor during the night. Some of the more random objects found: package of hotdog buns (throughally punctured with teeth marks), a can of motorcycle windsheild cleaner, the scrubby things from by the kitchen sink, and a crocheted slipper.

but she's just so * cute.

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About Katy

The Center for Adventist Research is a Branch Office of the Ellen G. White Estate, the editorial office of the Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index, home of the Adventist Heritage Center, Andrews University Archives, and the James White Library Rare Materials Collection. In my job I work with varying projects such as organizing off-campus week-long tours, pre-production of booklets containing papers presented at a symposium, and supervising students digitizing photographs and reel-to-reel audio recordings. This job requires self-motivation as many of the projects are dependent on my initiative. It also requires attention to detail, good communication skills, and a healthy dose of creativity.
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