so, its been a while. time really just gets away from me sometimes.

Christmas/New Years for the most part was great. The part that wasn't so good was when our car was broken into in broad daylight.  We were in Takoma Park, having lunch at a Subway, and discussing my brother-in-law's future. He is looking at different schools, and we had just visited CUC. And over lunch we were evaluating the school. When we came out to the parking lot after our long discussion, Tim, my brother-in-law, noticed the broken window first.

Because Nick and I were planning on continuing on from Maryland up to Boston, Tim and my father-in-law, had driven up separately.  We had parked next to each other in the parking lot. Their car was also broken into. In fact it was totaly ransaked. Breaking into our car appeared to be an afterthought.

The police came and processed the car and they told us that our two cars made a total of four cars that had been broken into in that parking lot that day -- probably all at the same time, we just didn't notice our as soon as the other noticed theirs.

Insurrance covered what was in the car, and Nick had backed up the information on his laptop, so in that respect it has worked out okay. But we did have to stay over a night there in Maryland so that we could get the car window replaced the next morning.

Since we had to stay the evening, we decided to watch Narnia together at the movie theater.  I really enjoyed the movie. I thought they did a good job portraying the different characters, and it had a nice blend of humor and drama etc.

After getting the car window replaced we drove to Pennsylvannia where we stopped off to see my brother Ben, and his wife Elaine who were visiting her parents in Redding. We had lunch together, then went shopping, where I unsuccessfully tried to return some clothes. Then we drove up to Boston, and arrived sometime after midnight.

Boston has a New Year's Celebration called "First Night" which we went to with my Dad. We bought a $15 button that was our addmission ticket into the events. They had a parade, some ice sculptures, and lots of little performances of the arts. We attended a Gospel concert because on the escalator we met David Cowan who was playing the drums for them that evening.  David is a member at the Boston Temple, my dad's old church. We also went to see an improv drama group that asked the audience for stories from their year and they dramatized them. They were really cool to see in action.

After we got back to Andrews, we spent a few busy days working on Scriptural Pursuit which we eventually wrapped up our committment of editing for and handed over to the other volunteers, and were back to being regular volunteers for the show.  That probably sounded confusing, but its kind of hard to explain.

Michigan weather has been its variable self as usual, --yesterday I think it was that we had snow in the morning, sun in the midday and a wind storm in the evening.

A lot of talk about the "January Report" is going around in the academic circles on campus right now. Teachers have to hand in a report of what they accomplished, departments have to report on their accomplishments, -- it probably goes on and on up the chain. I really had no idea when I was student what all else was going on in academia.

Well, Nick just called and wants to go home. I'll write more soon. 🙂

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