A photo post of weekend events:

This is the new puppy that Nick's aunt and uncle got earlier on friday (before we arrived). They had gotten her from the Humane society, if the dog had stayed another eight days they would have euthenized it. The dog is half husky and half chow. She is a year and half old and her name was Khaki. When we left Sabbath morning to head down to Roanoke they had decided to name her the Japanese word for pretty, katana or something like that. When we came back from Roanoke on Monday morning, the dog's name had been changed to Reagan.

I didn't take any pictures of the agape feast because my camera battery was dead but we had a lot of fun saturday night after the agape feast playing Apples to Apples and pictionary, and the Muppets UNO special edition. Muppets UNO is way cool.

The next day, Sunday, before the wedding Nick got called upon to help Pastor Mike Hewitt with the A/V hookup to the cameras recording the wedding.

I "pinch hit" for Tompaul and Lisa and manned a camera during the ceremony, which was very pretty and excellent, but I don't have any pictures of it because I was running around holding a video camera.

I did manage to snap a picture of some of the formals

Closeup of decorations outside the church.

Farther back shot of decorations outside the church.

The reception following was lovely as well.

Tompaul was explaining something or other while at the reception.

Audrey was clearing tables and lining up some of the table decorations and I thought her arrangement was worth a picture.

Lisa's bouquet.

Closeup of flowers after the reception.

Carrying the apple baskets out of the reception.

An artistic shot, that I like for some reason.

Nick and I and the happy couple.

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