Church Media Team: Football With Recursive Quarter Backs

The first quarterback is setting up passes to his receivers. His receivers catch QB1’s pass and set up to pass to their receivers team and the process continues as they do the same. Much like a media team at a church. The senior pastor or speaker director sets up the plays hopefully with the guidance and input of other team members. They make passes to their directors, music, audio, video, recording, drama, ect. who set up to make passes to their team. As in football things change. People’s ideas change and last minute audibles are called. For better or worse all teams must respond to the QB’s change. It always keeps the game interesting.

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  1. It also keeps the recievers on their toes. If they kept doing the same plays over and over (or the same program over and over) they might get sloppy because they weren't playing close attention.

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