About Nick: I prefer songs that tell a story, such as Nickleback's "Photograph", K. T. Tungstall's "Suddenly I See" and Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words".
I like to explore both sides of an issue often by playing the devil's advocate.
I make an annual pilgrimage to the EAA fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin as a birthday present to myself.
I ride a motorcycle. And have a wife named Katy who also rides a motorcycle.
I enjoy target practice at the shooting range, spending time with friends and watching TV (mostly on the internet).
My hobbies also include playing video games, kissing and loving Katy, rollerblading, skiing, flying, and amateur radio.

About our cat, (also known as Philo the Ferocious): Nick often calls her "The Beast" and suggested we should shave 666 into her fur. Hobbies: attacking random spots in the carpet, licking herself in awkward places, and annoyingly scratching her nails on the wall at 4am.

About Katy: I was born on Long Island way back when, the youngest in a family of four. I enjoyed growing up in that small suburban town. I often would trek all over the town pretending I was something or other.
I believe in God, and am a member in the Seventh-day Adventist church.
I have traveled in North and South America and Asia. I would love to make landfall on all the continents one day.
I fill my time with reading, writing, drawing, roller-blading, kite-flying, Geo-casheing, traveling, photography, video, and trying new things like flying and SCUBA.
I enjoy listening to many different types of music, but some of my favorites are Classical, Swing, Jazz, Big Band and Ragtime (such as the "Entertainer" by Scott Joplin). I especially enjoy songs by Harry Connick Jr. and They Might Be Giants. Those who know me might think my favorite song is "Dill Pickles" (which is quite nice) but my all time favorite song is "El Shaddai" by Michael Card. A song I find good for my inner muse is "Fingals Cave" (also known as The Hebrides Overture) by Felix Mendelssohn. It really sparks my imagination. I find the lyrics and melody of "Down in the Valley" touch my inner soul. The lines "down in the valley, the valley so low, hang your head over, hear the wind blow" have stuck with me ever since I first heard them years and years ago.

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