I love my cat.

... these are the times when I love my cat. The times when I get a bit annoyed is when I wake up, and I am greeting in the hallway by the stuff she has managed to pull out and strew across the floor during the night. Some of the more random objects found: package of hotdog buns (throughally punctured with teeth marks), a can of motorcycle windsheild cleaner, the scrubby things from by the kitchen sink, and a crocheted slipper.

but she's just so * cute.

Cat Behavior

I have come to conclusion that I don't understand cat behavior at all.

Filo one night had this crazy notion that she had to get to the top of the clock we have in our living room. This clock sits atop a narrow set of shelves, its like a china cabinet/grandfather clock. The sides are criss-crossing iron bars. Filo would hop up onto the the chair that sits near the clock and then stretch herself out and climb up onto the nearest self. Then she would perform some kitten voodoo and wind up on the top shelf. From this top shelf she would stick her head out the top side bars and end up jumping back down to the chair. I never fully caught her act on the digital camera but I came close.

days of happenings

Friday, August 19th
8:00am Arrived at Nethery Hall for work
10:00am turn in key card to get key to new office (yay!)
Handed in 250 flyers to Graduate Admissions that I had slaved over to get in on time, just to have them tell me that they weren't what they were really looking for. *sigh*
12noon watched workmen put together modular office furniture, apparently someone was colorblind and the panels are all different colors, but they tell me new panels are on their way and it will be fixed.
12:30pm I climb a tall ladder and hang a communication banner in the hallway with fishing line and staples.
1:15pm rushed home to pick up filo to take her to the vet.
1:30pm time of vet appointment and I commence sitting in office waiting. and waiting. finally the vet came in, gave filo a distempter shot, deworming medicine, and cut the splint off. Filo has a bit of a hop to her gait, but she looks so far like she'll be fine.
3:00pm I start to paint the last remaining wall upstairs that needs primer.
6:00pm I finish painting wall with primer, not because the wall is done, but because we ran out of primer.
6:30 Nick and I go to the fairgrounds for food. We meet and mingle with several while we are there.
David and Emily come over and we sit and talk late into the night. Filo amused us with her antics, particularly when she lay on the floor grooming her hind leg and ended up doing a backwards summersault. I don't think I'm every tried to spell summersault before. hmmmm.

and now it is Sabbath. Today Nick has to shoot some footage at PMC and then at the church in Benton Harbor of a potluck. Speaking of potlucks last week we went to Stevensville and stayed for their potluck. mmmmm good food. I love potlucks but I had to ask Nick to come, plead, beg, ... because he doesn't like them much.

anyways. hope ya'll have a good day.

peg-legged kitty

Filo the aquafina poster kitty!
We were all thinking that we should sign Filo's splint. The vet called it a splint but it looks vey much like a cast. As far as being a peg legged kitty, Filo is adapting extremely well. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but the vet thought we should keep the splint on for two weeks.

Please pray for Nick's family. His Mom's mother is in the hospital. They don't know how serious it is yet, but they would really appreciate your prayers.

Filo the Female Feline

Today was Filo's first Veternarian appointment. Dr. Schaffer dispersed ambiguity and declared Filo female. Kudos to Colleen for corectly diagnosing Filo's sex. As for the vet appointment --it went well. Filo's tests came up negative. On the whole rather normal little kitten.

Things are going well with my orientation to the Communication department. My eyes seem to have been opended to the processes that make the University tick. The way I preceived the University and the way things actually are seem to be two totally different things. I think this budget crunch has been really good for the university because it is forcing people to focus on what is important. It pushes them harder to give students "their monies worth" as it were, because without student's tuition there is nothing else to support them.

Another thing this deeper look into University life gives me is a desire to read "The Prince" by Niccolo Macchiavelli.

Filo (aka Philo)

Introducing Filo! The six-week old loveable ball of fur that has joined the Wolfer household.


Filo and a ball of yarn

Filo playing with Ryan's jacket

Oscar watches Filo (Filo is under the ottoman)