So how long can someone put up with a demonlished Bathroom?

On May 11, 2006 we began to demolish our upstairs bathroom. We had noticed a soft spot in the wall near the tub faucet.

So we decided it was time to investigate further. We knocked off some of the tiles, and discovered very bad things were happening behind there.

It was time to redo the bathroom. We decided to start on it ourselves. The demolition was quite hard work, and stretched out over several days.

We discovered that the board behind the tiles had to come out too. So we took that all off and dumped the rubbish in five gallon paint buckets we had left over from painting our house. We then hauled the paint buckets to the trash. After the board was all taken off, Nick sprayed the four-by-fours with a bleach solution. After spraying everything down a few times with the bleach solution, the black mold disappeared.

Don't worry, we had a shower in another bathroom, downstairs, so we weren't going out offending everyone. At least not in that way. 🙂

When we first moved into the house, there was a lot of wallpaper. The bathroom was not exception. The wallpaper had started to peel so we decided to take it off and paint.

Now that we had the bathroom somewhat demolished, we toyed with several ideas of how to improve it. We considered knocking down walls and enlarging it. An enlarged bathroom would have enough room for a whirlpool tub. A whirlpool tub would be very nice. Back and forth we tossed ideas. In fact we tossed ideas around for about a year. Then we both started to get really tired of walking down to the basement to take a shower every day. And if it came down to it, we couldn't sell the house with a bathroom in that condition. Selling the house, is an option we always keep at the back of minds, because we would both love to move somewhere with more land.

So Nick, upon looking at the plumbing that needed to be fixed, decided to call up a handyman that had done some work for his mom. We had the good fortune, (or bad fortune, however you want to look at it) to have a house that had all copper piping. Even the drain pipe to the city sewage system was copper. Nick didn't want to mess with the copper pipes for fear of burning the house down. Turns out, the handyman we hired, John, came it and cut them off and installed PVC.

One of the first things John did was install a new shower liner.

He did a great job, I especially like the paint job he did on wall with the sponging effect.

Filo kindly agreed to help show off the new look of the bathroom.