Dogwood blossoms

Our neighbor's dogwood tree looked pretty in the afternoon sunlight.
It inspired me to take pictures with it as the backdrop. I've always liked dogwoods.
It probably has a lot to do with me adopting one when I was just a young tyke. We had a dogwood tree with pink blossoms in our yard. It was the only tree that had branches low enough for me to climb on. My older brother Ben could climb the maples and evergreen trees in our yard, but the branches were to high for me to reach. Therefore I took possession of the dogwood.
As I looked at the pictures I was taking I noticed that the lighting wasn't quite right.
The colors didn't look right either.
I stuck a shovel in the ground to serve as something that I could focus the camera on. I then put the camera on timer, and ran back to where the shovel was, and held up a white piece of paper to reflect more light on the side of my face. I'll keep working on getting a method of soft lighting for an outdoor portrait.