Nothing like a power outage for saving on your electric bill

Yesterday morning we woke up to no power.

We had a very bad wind storm during the night, and good sized chunks of hail hit the house. It woke us up. When I realized the power was out I got up and unplugged our electronics from the wall (DSL router, computers, tv and gaming systems etc.). I didn't want them to get damaged if the power came back on badly.

No power meant no lights, no TV, no hot water for showers, no internet, and probably most importantly no heat. When we went to bed it had been 50 degrees and raining. yesterday morning it was 30 degrees and getting colder. Nick was very disappointed. He had been planning on watching football all day long.

We had had a fire going in the fireplace the night before so we rounded up some more firewood and started the embers going. It soon warmed up, but I was starting to get bored. I had had big plans for my days off, and unfortunately they all involved power.

So I did something I haven't done in long time. I got out my Legos and played with them.

This is the house that I built. I didn't have enough bricks of the same
color to make it all the same. To try and make it somewhat
aesthetically pleasing I tried to be symmetrical in the way I placed
the bricks.

This is the inside of the house. Notice the skylight on the left.

This guy is watching Shell's stock prices go up on his large screen TV. Next to the TV is his fireplace with the multi-colored brick chiminy going up the wall. In the corner is the Christmas tree. Behind him is his motercycle trophy.

This person is sitting at a computer. Behind him is the kitchen, featuring a stove and black and white kitchen tile. I was missing one black tile though. In front is the barbeque, with a hot orange grate.

This happy lego thanks you for taking a tour of his house. 🙂

Later on that day our trailer load of wood we had ordered came. Which was very fortunate. Our fireplace isn't very efficient, and goes through wood very fast. Plus the stuff we had been burning, was here when we bought the house, and was very wet and full of bugs. The new wood burns really well.

Nick called the local power company at about nine in the morning. They told him that they thought the power might be back on by six p.m. We had made plans to see some friends, David and Emily, visiting from Colorado. We drove around the neighborhood to see if we could discover what had caused the power to go out, and how widespread it was. We found that around the corner from us a tree had come down across some power lines. It only affected houses on our side of the street. Probably less than a dozen. We didn't see anyone working on it. We later found out that most of a town a little south of us was out of power, so we were probably far down on the totem pole.

Nick's parents own a generator, and we were able to borrow that as well as another generator from a friend of ours. However the 2nd generator took oil we didn't have in our garage. So Nick started on getting his parent's generator working. I would pull the starter and nick would spray starter fluid on the carburetor but it didn't stay going. In fact milky white stuff started foaming out the carbs. Nick determined it was oil. He called up a mechanic friend of ours, Ryan, and asked "What does it mean when your oil looks milky white?" Ryan responded "want me to come over?" We drained the oil, and replaced it. Drained off some of the fuel in there was water in the tank. Still no luck.

When we called up David and Emily and told them we didn't have any power, they decided to come over anyway, and join us for S'mores around the fire. After a little while we went out to eat and Outback (we originally intended to go to the Thai restaurant, but it was closed). When we got back we got the fire going again. Nick and Ryan worked on the generator some more. A blockage in main jets of one of the Carburetors was sniffed out. Thanks Ryan!

We had a funny few minutes as they started hooking things up to the generator. First was the Christmas tree. It was funny to hear the generator and see it on the tree as the lights brightened and dimmed. The generator needed more load, so we plugged in two more lights, ... but it was the refrigerator that did the trick.

Now that we had power spent several minutes introducing David and Emily to the Wii. Emily declared that playing Wii Sports just made her want to go out and play the real sport. David decided he needed to buy a Wii.

After everyone went home, we unplugged the TV and plugged in our electric mattress pad instead. We added an extra down comforter to the bed and went to sleep.