Paying for a Haircut

Before I left for Ecuador in July I decided to have my hair cut.

The picture above is of me before my haircut. It was taken a day before I had it cut.

This picture above is me after my hair cut. It is from our first day in Ecuador. About two or three days after I had my hair cut.

When people have commented on my hair cut I have replied that I think the hair dresser cut it too short, but that is okay because my hair will grow.

Yesterday I received a reply I was not expecting. She told me that when she goes to get her hair cut, she tells the hair dresser that if they cut it too short she will not pay them.

I responded that I was probably too easy going to try that. I shy away from being aggressive even when I am paying someone to do something for me. It is one of my biggest fears when dealing with doctors, that I'll be too shy to ask the right questions or offer the right information.

In the case of the haircut, I must admit though, that I was unsure of what length my hair should be cut to. I did give the hair dresser an approximate distance ("somewhere between my chin and my shoulders"). I didn't expect her to cut it right at my chin, I thought she would try for the middle ground between the two points.

I would feel better about refusing pay for the hair cut, if I had said, cut only one inch off, and she had cut off six, but even then I doubt I would have had the nerve to say, "I won't pay you because you cut too much off".

What would you do?