blog Action Day

I wish I could have found this earlier, so I could have prepared.

I'm rather split when it comes to the environment. I think being a  non-polluting, recycling, energy-saving person is a good idea. When I go to put it into practice I'm not very consistent. I live so close to work I could easily ride my bicycle for most of the year, it just takes ten minutes longer. But lately I've been lacking energy/gumption to do so. I do try to turn the lights off, close windows, turn off the water completely when I leave rooms.

Recycling is something I paid my garbage company extra for, until just a few months ago. That was a hard concept, coming from NYC where it was included in the taxes and a reasonable sized container was provided (not some dinky little container that filled up in a day or two.) I stopped paying for recycling when I realized the local garbage company recycled everything anyway, because they made money doing so. Why should I pay them to do something they were doing already?

We buy a lot of things that have packing materials that just get thrown away. The thumb drives (aka flash drives, jump drives, memory sticks, USB thingies) that come with lots of extra plastic packaging intended to make them harder to shoplift and easier to spot in the shopping aisle.

What does that mean? Should I sell my gas-guzzling truck and invest in a solar car (not practical yet I don't think).

I do have a lot of energy saving tendencies. I've been fascinated for a long time about energy saving technologies that can be built into homes. The solar water heater is one that I have often wanted to implement. I drew lots of house plans when I was a teenager of homes built into the side of a hill (to provide insulation) with a wall of windows to take advantage of the solar heating, and a windmill on top of the hill to generate energy. I ought to dig one up and post it for ya'll's enjoyment.

What is your relationship with environmental issues?