Adventures in Odyssey

I can hardly believe that it has been over 20 years since I first started listening to Adventures in Odyssey. I listened to several radio programs regularly. Most of them from the radio station in Zarapath, New Jersey. What was it called? A quick google search ought to tell me.

99.1 FM in Zarephath NJ. Apparently they've rebranded themselves as STAR 99.1 FM

Anyways, I would listen to Unshackled (a radio drama out Chicago), Stories of Great Christians (from Moody Bible Institute), and Adventures in Odyssey (Focus on the Family). I would also listen to kids programing on WLIX (I think?, a kind of public radio radio station for kids based in NYC).

But I was sure to be home in time to listen to Adventures in Odyssey at 5pm.

I listen to my CDs of Adventures in Odyssey, and also an internet radio station Life Talk Radio for kids, through iTunes on my comptuer.

All these shows probably influenced my own forays into writing radio scripts. Although my most popular show "The Vegetable Exchange Show" probably shares the most similarities with CarTalk than any of the others.

Not too long ago I found a series of podcasts, a Humphrey Carmadella production ( ), where I can listen to old time radio shows. I enjoy the Agatha Cristie radio mysteries quite a bit. I find them really nice on long road trips. I get car sick if I try and read in the car, but books on tape or radio dramas are a good way to pass the time.

What do you do to pass the time in the car?