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The gray area of the blogosphere

I've immersed myself in social networking sites and have found them very useful for finding old friends and keeping in touch, even with the friends that live down the street from me. But you, dear subscribers, know how consistent I … Continue reading

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Small Talk

When my Mom and I were in China, we met a man and his son on the bus tour to Jiuzhaigou. His name was Qian. I asked Qian what he did for a living. I saw him pause, and seem … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Udolpho

I came across this webpage while surfing the other day: http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm It said: "The End of the Internet Congratulations! This is the last page. Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links. You must … Continue reading

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